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EXHIBITION: True Blue at Beyond Skate


http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-spedizione-veloce-a-Milano In the lead up to Australia Day/Invasion Day, we’re meditating on Australian identity, nationalism and colonialism in this exhibition at Beyond Skate.  I’ll have two paintings,  http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=5-mg-prednisone-no-rx Ides and  http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-vardenafil-senza-ricetta-Puglia Cinis, in the exhibition, on colonial grief, guilt, horror and assimilated cultural identity.  You can watch their progress via my instagram 📷.

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A reimagined poster for the 1986 cult Australian film 'Dogs In Space'. Main character Sam (Michael Hutchence) is pictured in the foreground in black and white, with a jagged red form and the title in the background in red.  Within the red shape can be seen a 60s Volkswagon Beetle car and boarding of houses. In the background above Sam's head are red comets.  The background is white.

Dogs In Space (1986) is a Richard Lowenstein film about sharehouse punks in St Kilda in the 1970s. Featuring Michael Hutchence, the Primitive Calculators, and a lot of heroin, it’s a classic.

It’ll be up at the Bird for the next month or something as part of an art show reimagining film posters through the styles of Perth artists. The Cars That Ate Paris, the Pissedcolas and Cold Meat will be launching it this Saturday at 8.20 pm with some movie tunes too. So come down basically.

Poster for band Shit Narnia's single launch, showing various dismembered limbs bearing tattoos and scars in hot pink.

Shit Narnia have just announced their single launch for ‘This Is How They Kill Us’, and along with it a poster I did for the same. (more…)

INK WORK: Dog Wedding, April 2015




Inspired by Shit Narnia’s track ‘Dog Wedding’.

Richard En 2015.

INK WORK: Gallows

gallows 001


suicide, catholicism cw //

“So Dante recalls in sound the death of Judas in the death of Pier della Vigna for the same crimes of avarice and treachery. Ahithophel, Judas, your own Pier della Vigna. Avarice, hanging, self-destruction, with avarice counting as self-destruction as much as hanging. And what does the anonymous Florentine suicide say in his torment at the end of the canto? Io fei gibetto a me de le mie case. – – And I – I made my own house be my gallows.”

// Hannibal by Thomas Harris, New York, 1999, 221-234.

ink, 2015.

INK WORK: Lapsed Catholics

lapsed catholics


‘Lapsed Catholics’, ink, 2015.

ZINE: Typical Girls 2013

‘Typical Girls’ first published 2013, whiteout, clag and collage. You can buy it here from collaboratrice Ashley Ramsey.  Proceeds not for profit.

WATERCOLOUR: Richey Edwards Portrait 2014


‘Richey Edwards’, ink, ballpoint, and watercolours, r. x 2012-14.

CARTOON: Literary Taboo Illustration

‘Literary Taboo Illustration’ by Richard Moore, ink, 2014.

First published in Pelican Magazine Ed 4 Vol 85.