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FEATURE: 208s – The House That Punk Built, Swampland, April 2017

follow Published in April 2017, this feature article appears in vol 2 of Swampland, a Victorian long-form music journalism magazine.

http://cheapgenericsonline.com/buy-amoxil-online/ This piece is a short history of the Perth DIY punk venue 208s, featuring interviews with members of the Reptilians, Agitated, Helta Skelta and the Darling Rangers and polaroid photos I took of live gigs there over the last few years.

http://discount-deltasone.com Due to licencing, this article is only available in the issue itself, which is available to order here on Swampland‘s website.

LIVE REVIEW: The Big Splash Heat #2

The sheepish collection of young men herded onto the stage to accept both the (metaphorical) crown and the (literal) sweaty handshake of the exuberant Magnus D Magnus could have been any band tonight, but after their glitzed-out performance garage punks http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cialis-60mg Cool Band were all the more embarrassed to win.   (more…)

LIVE REVIEW: The Murlocs at Four5Nine, 18.04.15

Corey only knew a few songs by The Murlocs, but was convinced this gig was destined.

“You know, I get up this morning, making some toast, turn on rage and they’ve got the guest programmer right? And the second song she plays is Murlocs’ Adolescence!” For the rest of the line-up, a solid turnout of friends and fans to Four5Nine packed out the bar, already sweaty for popping punkers go here Kitchen People.   (more…)