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FEATURE: 208s – The House That Punk Built, Swampland, April 2017

Published in April 2017, this feature article appears in vol 2 of Swampland, a Victorian long-form music journalism magazine.

This piece is a short history of the Perth DIY punk venue 208s, featuring interviews with members of the Reptilians, Agitated, Helta Skelta and the Darling Rangers and polaroid photos I took of live gigs there over the last few years.

Due to licencing, this article is only available in the issue itself, which is available to order here on Swampland‘s website.

LIVE REVIEW: The Pissedcolas at the Bird, 21.08.15

It’s not so unusual to see a heavy act take over The Bird these days, but http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=from-online-canadian-pharmacy-drugstore-propecia-tablets The Pissedcolas, always uncommon faces in the scene, like to remind us of the limits of our sound equipment once in a while. Their newest release, a 12″ vinyl offering, will extend this to the stereos of their fans, but to launch it this drone/psych/garage/distortion group took roost in a packed Bird with a host of other bands.   (more…)

A reimagined poster for the 1986 cult Australian film 'Dogs In Space'. Main character Sam (Michael Hutchence) is pictured in the foreground in black and white, with a jagged red form and the title in the background in red.  Within the red shape can be seen a 60s Volkswagon Beetle car and boarding of houses. In the background above Sam's head are red comets.  The background is white.

Dogs In Space (1986) is a Richard Lowenstein film about sharehouse punks in St Kilda in the 1970s. Featuring Michael Hutchence, the Primitive Calculators, and a lot of heroin, it’s a classic.

It’ll be up at the Bird for the next month or something as part of an art show reimagining film posters through the styles of Perth artists. The Cars That Ate Paris, the Pissedcolas and Cold Meat will be launching it this Saturday at 8.20 pm with some movie tunes too. So come down basically.

VIDEO: Pissedcolas at the Bird, 06.10.14

POLAROIDS: Doctopus at the Bird, 02.10.14

LIVE REVIEW: Doctopus at the Bird, 20.07.14


follow link Sunday 20 July 2014 at the Bird

watch First published by the Space Ship News 23 July 2014

Marked eloquently as ‘Fabian Tells A Joke’ on the acquistare levitra online sicuro Genova PISSEDCOLAS’ setlist, enter DOCTOPUS’ breakneck album release tour was summed up smoothly on its last night by lead go here Fabian Rojas, recounting a conversation with owner of Da-Da’s records: “I said, ‘They’re releasing the album five times,’ and he said, ‘You can’t do that!’ ‘Well,’ I said, ‘They’re Doctopus, they can do it.  They’re doing it.’”

As will accutane cause crohns to flare METHYL ETHEL, the skinniest band bearing even skinnier jeans, set up on stage to start off the night there was an air of fatigue around the Bird, with many among the crowd having attended several shows over Doctopus’ five day run. Doctopus themselves kept a low profile, dragging around the merch table with copies of their new album here Wobbegong and last issue here Buddies or between friends as the Bird swiftly filled for a last chance at the launch.

Methyl Ethel, fronted by songwriter Jake Webb and a host of effects, drove straight into their set with a pummelling bass line picked delicately by their tall, skinny-hipped bassist, his instrument held high beneath his flowing curls and crotch bulging in impossibly tight jeans.  Webb’s guitar spat ethereal chittering like sprites or birds, clear echoing vocals and a space age groove as his Fender bounced reflections off the wall of the Bird, finding themselves well at home in its walls.  Stand out ‘Idée Fix’, a husky, aquatic track, showed clearly what Methyl Ethel are capable of, crackling through their set to a well-earned end in ‘Narcissists On TV’, a lacerating, kaleidoscopic piece tearing over the rest of their chilly, subterranean offerings.

Just one of the many incestuous bands surrounding the Perth lo-fi and garage scenes, the Pissedcolas quietly skulked onto stage before starting with a calamity quickly and effortlessly dissolving into their familiar Western drone of red dust, mines and social security.  Pissedcolas are a band to take a bullet for, their music winding between a solid crunch, a driving pulse and chainsaw distortion, Rojas’ howls and chants over gutsy rock with teeth bared.  Songs like ‘Mind Detergent’ and ‘Glue Gun’ tore through the small venue and tightening audience as the crowd barked ‘Fabian!’ and ‘Play one more!’ at the bashful lead while bassist Meagan Bates and drummer Alex Patching exchanged teasing grins.

Finally Doctopus hauled themselves on stage. Whatever fatigue appeared to drag at them initially was quickly dispelled as they launched into their set, the venue stuffed to the brim as the crowd packed onto the benches ringing the walls for more room. Doctopus looked dishevelled in the indie chic of the Bird, but unfazed ploughed bite-sized tune after tune to the welling audience with a muffled quality, a pulse and a spring with Stephen Bellair’s wail torn over the top as he spasmed over the mic and threw himself about the stage. Guitarist Jeremy Holmes quickly disappeared from view to sit on the stage with his guitar, as the crowd howled ‘Man I Think You’re Cool’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’ back at the band.  “We’re only going to play two more songs because it’s a Sunday and we live in Perth!” jeered Bellair, before delivering a manic version of ‘Wobbegong’ to finish the night.

‘LIVE REVIEW: Doctopus at the Bird’ by Richard Moore.