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INTERVIEW: Rag ‘N’ Bone Part 1, July 2015

INTERVIEW: Rag ‘N’ Bone Part 1, July 2015 published on 1 Comment on INTERVIEW: Rag ‘N’ Bone Part 1, July 2015 Oggi, la maggior parte hanno difficoltà con la funzione erettile, e che soffrono di impotenza gli uomini decidono di see url, preferendola a Viagra e Out-takes from an interview done for GAPE Zine Issue #1, spend some time with Perth post rockers Rag’n’Bone as we chat about Radelaide, scunge and the Perth scene. 10685493_535945149872099_4424081964757788221_n

Why Rag N Bone?

prezzo viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Roma cialis generico principio attivo KIERA: So I guess we were going through a few different options – we started jamming way before we ever had an idea for a name – and we were like, “oh yeah, we should come up with something!” So we had Summertime Dark, was an option.

enter site AXEL: Still could be honestly, it’s not too late to change. What have we got to lose? KIERA: But I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the rag’n’bone man or the rag’n’bone men… how they used to collect heaps of junk and people’s food and bones and chuck them in a cart and wheel them down the street… and I dunno, we just felt that that was appropriate for our music because it’s a bit of a mix.

go AXEL: Unfortunately though, there is a rapper in the UK called Rag’N’Bone Man.

see url SARA: And there’s also like a Dutch dude, Danish dude who’s like a folk dude? He’s solo.  Maybe the next time we release something we should do a split…

levitra plus original sale KIERA: With Rag’n’Bone Man?  Continue reading INTERVIEW: Rag ‘N’ Bone Part 1, July 2015

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