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SONG REVIEW: Nerve Quakes, Running/Rewind, 15.08.18


canadian propecia Nerve Quakes are, as they say, one to watch, particularly for goths or people open to the idea of goth – and they are very much a living, vital band, as the 7″ double a-side Running/Rewind, is testimony to.


comprare cialis generico in farmacia Running is a track with industrial energy, slamming into its first chords with no mercy before the brief respite of the pounding verse and Caitie Moondog’s outstanding voice. If the lyrics want for tightening or a step away from vague gestures (an appeal to ambiguity which plagues Australian goth at present – these are something about robots, borrowed time, and yes, running both literal and metaphorical), then Moondog’s commitment to them more than redeems. Her voice is unyielding.


go site This first RTRFM presentation of mine was devoted to the dark – post punk and goth music from Perth and further afield.  Although the show is lost to the annals of time, and rightly so, the track list is below – OR you can listen to it on Spotify here. (more…)