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September 18, 2016

PHOTOS: Hidden Mountain #1, July 2016 [Caz Bank\


My dear associate Caz Bank was shooting Hidden Mountain #1.

Thus, here are some photos of the art work and the artist.  If you like it, I’ll totally sell it to you, what, $300?  Ha ha.  Perhaps I can be talked down.

In addition, someone wrote a review of this?  Why’d they do that?  They were quite kind though.

As the music evolves into more cohesive ideas, within the soundscape, an element of a desolate landscape appears in Richard En’s painting. Capturing the essence of the music, the painting of a barren skull creates quite a specific visualisation of the music’s harshness.


Sweet, huh!

Thank you Hayden, Caz, Tom, Jess, Kate, and everyone involved in this wonderful night.





Richard x

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