Photo by George Foster.

Photo by George Foster.

Richard En

From Perth, WA.

Queer succulent fan.  Gross cartoons, music writing, punk academia, live shows, posters for bands, talking to people and writing it down, polaroid photos, shouty poetry, zines, novels, community radio, guitar, keys, french horn, yelling,  always in the kitchen at parties.

Writing: Swampland (VIC), X-Press Magazine (WA), God Is In The TV Zine (UK), The Music (WA), Gape (WA), and more.

Radio: RTRFM (WA)

Music: Beast Daughter (2018), The Cars That Ate Paris (2015 – 2017), The Heavenly Creatures (2013 – 2014)

Local Testaments:

“Sizzling.” – Albert Pritchard of New Nausea, on obscene dog painting.

“Ever-charming,” – Stef Roselli of Lizzard Wizzard.